Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Boys

Cars. Train sets. A cricket bat and a few balls, including a soccer ball. A battery operated pull-back car, and a remote control-operated helicopter. Another train set. And then another.

These are the things that a four-year-old boy most probably has in his room. So when you want to buy a present for a boy who has almost everything you know of, what do you do? Refer to MomJunction’s list of the gifts for four-year-old boys, of course! On this list, we have cool gadgets, science kits, and art sets that will help the child learn something and have fun too.

Every time I ask my nephew what he wants for a present – “A train set!”, he’d say enthusiastically. Today he has six of them! So, when you want to buy a four-year-old boy a gift, do not ask him. Instead, check the list of 15 cool gift ideas in this article.

1. Superhero Costumes

Superhero Costumes

Every little boy has a hero. Some little boys have superheroes. If your four-year-old boy loves superheroes, get him a costume or a mask that he can wear for fun, at a party or an event. You could also use these costumes for Halloween.

Why kids love it: Dressing up and pretending to be superheroes is fun, isn’t it? Kids love playing their favorite hero and use their special powers to save people from the bad guys.

What we like about it: Imagine seeing a four-year-old Batman running around in the house, trying to save imaginary victims from imaginary villains? A treat to the eyes. Also, pretend play boosts a kid’s imagination and creativity.

2. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

A cool learning tool that your four-year-old boy can use is the Vtech Write and Learn pad that comes with a stylus and stamps. On top of the slate are the letters of the alphabet, which the kid can see and recreate on the writing center.

Why kids love it: There is a tiny screen on top that displays a letter, which the child can see and redraw on the magnetic slate below. There are also progressive lines displayed on the screen to help the child learn how to write a letter correctly, which means fewer mistakes!

What we like about it: In addition to practicing the alphabet, kids can also use the white space on the pad to draw and create designs using the stamps and stencils that come with it. This is yet another tool that can boost their creativity, making it an excellent choice for a gift.

Occasion: Birthday, beginning of a school year, casual gifting

3. Gears! Gears! Gears!

Gears! Gears! Gears!

Gears! That is what they are – a set of plastic gears that can be joined to create different structures, machines, figures, and more! The plastic gear building set is a great gift for a boy who likes to build new things, create something unique or funny.

Why kids love it: Kids can spend hours together working on these gears – creating, playing, and recreating things that they have seen or imagined. They can even try and make something out of these gears with their friends or family, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

What we like about it: Gears is a building block set that introduces engineering to kids, in a fun and exciting way. Also, the gears are colorful, which make them appealing toys for little boys.

4. Roller Skates

Roller Skates

Little boys like to do things that keep them on their feet. Skating is one such activity because it is challenging and allows them to experience speed! Getting the boy a pair of roller skates is also a great idea if you want to introduce the sport to him.

Why kids love it: Skating is fun especially if the boy learns it at school and has friends who indulge in the sport.

What we like about it: Roller skating is about finding that balance and moving, while controlling the wheels with your feet. The sport teaches kids about kinesthetics and control, which they can apply to other activities like biking and maybe even skiing. A word of caution though: watch-out when the kids are practicing and give them safety gears, so they don’t hurt themselves.

5. Kids Tool Box Wooden Toys

Kids Tool Box Wooden Toys

A complete tool set with all the essential tools and equipment, but all made with wood with a smooth finish that removes the risk of any sharp edges. Your 4-year-old boy will enjoy hammering and wrenching to create new things with this toy.

Why kids love it: The child can create numerous shapes and figures or anything else they desire. The toolset contains all the tools one usually sees in a real tool set viz. hammer, wrench, saw, and pliers. The child will be excited to use them.

What we like about it: The surfaces of the tools are well-buffed so that there is no risk of the child encountering a splinter or a sharp edge. Even the nuts and bolts are made of wood and are quite large thus making it easy for the child to use.

6. Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Web Blaster

Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Web Blaster

Who doesn’t want to tie up the bad guys using spider web? I know I do! The Spiderman Web Blaster by Marvel is a cool toy that boys can use when playing with friends. The blaster streams out a realistic, web-like liquid that the kid can blast using the trigger tied to his wrist – just like Spidey!

Why kids love it: Kids get to act like Spiderman and blast what looks like the web – that is a lot of fun for boys. The gadget allows the boy to make the most of his Spiderman costume if he has one, and be the hero who fights invisible villains.

What we like about it: The blaster easily fits the arm and comes in three colors. The price also varies based on the color of the glove. More importantly, Marvel also offers refill fluid cans for a small price.

Occasion: Birthdays, holidays

7. Sprayza Magic Painting Set

Sprayza Magic Painting Set

A fun way to paint pictures is to spray the paint onto the paper. The Sprayza Magic painting set has eight brushes or pens and six stencils that the child can use to create the art they like.

Why kids love it: Kids will love using the Sprayza pens with the Sprayza brush. Painting by blowing with an airbrush is a bit silly, but that’s the kind of thing little boys like, isn’t it?

What we like about it: Sprayza may be about using an airbrush, but it is also about creating art with or without the stencils. Encourage the child to try and paint something without the stencil, but be sure to give them a large sheet of paper or canvas to protect the walls. The results can be amazing.

Occasion: Holidays, birthdays

8. Animal Planet Wild Animal Set

One of the best ways to teach a kid about animals is to let them see the animals for real. But when that is not possible, getting them a tub full of wild animals is a good idea. The Animal Planet Wild Animals Set is a cool gift idea for a four-year-old boy who loves watching Animal Planet or Nat Geo.

Why kids love it: The set has 20 different wild animal figures that the child can play with anywhere and anytime. The set comes in a carry-on case, which makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

What we like about it: The set is educational and also includes a play mat on which the kid can arrange all the animals – segregate based on the type of animals it is, what it eats, or how it behaves! Also, the carry-on case keeps the animal figures safe.


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