As any beauty enthusiast knows, nothing is more blissful than a pampering self-care ritual. Now, there’s a brand that offers a little TLC for your senses and your soul: Laline—a recent addition to the Canadian market—is bringing its delightful bath, body and skincare products to three more stores in Canada, […]

I’ve now spent two months trying to think of a nonchalant way to say this and I really can’t, so… I just got married!!!!!!!!! On September 7th, my now-husband Gabriel and I had our wedding at Sunset Beach Hotel on Shelter Island, and shortly before that, Man Repeller asked if […]

Il vostro costume per Halloween 2019 è pronto, oppure no? Se siete ancora indecise, potreste ispirarvi a cinema e TV per trovare il travestimento perfetto! Qualche spunto: Wonder Woman (2017) con Gal Gadot, Stranger Things (2016) e la sua Millie Bobby Brown/Eleven o Suicide Squad (2016) con la sua perfida […]

If you’ve been invited to your first Indian wedding, you may be curious about what’s going to happen. We enlisted the help of Indian wedding planner Suniti Patel, of Lamhe Bridal Consultants in New Jersey, to get answers to some commonly asked questions about Indian weddings. Q: What should I […]